Yesterday’s and today’s meditations were both on the same topic. I recently read some words of Geshe-la where he talks about how we can make our lives meaningful by thinking about our death. He said that we should think about how much time in each day we actually practice Dharma.

Geshe-la BlessingsWe have to be completely honest with ourselves.  Apart from our formal practice, how much time in the day do we actually spend actively, consciously thinking about Dharma? In my own case I know that I can spend an awful lot more time being mindful of Dharma in the meditation break.

I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then settled into thinking about how I will feel when I come to die. Will I feel like I have got the most out of my life?

I know that every year that goes by I have the feeling of thinking – where did that go? If I am not careful this is how I will feel when I die – where did my life go?

I focused on this idea and it scared me. I don’t want to waste my life!

I developed the really strong wish to make my life meaningful and not to waste it by dwelling on Facebook beyond the absolute minimum I need to do my thing, and watching television when there is really nothing worth watching. I need instead to try and always find the Dhrama in the situation, and to read Modern Buddhism, rather than reaching for the tablet and checking my news feed.

I stayed with this feeling of wanting to make my life meaningful, and it was such a good feeling yesterday that I did it again this morning. Wonderful.


May all living beings stop wasting their precious human life, and bring Dharma into every thought and action.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to avoid wasting time, and always have Modern Buddhism to hand, to read when a spare moment arises.