The purpose of this meditation is to spur ourselves into action in the meditation break by following classic Geshe-la logic – simple and irrefutable.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then called to mind the section I was referring to above.

GeshelaGeshe-la asks us to image a situation where we know for certain that an enemy is coming and will arrive some time in the next month.

Should we simply say every passing day: ‘it will not happen today’ and act like it won’t? Surely not! Only a fool would do this. Its will only lead to our enemy taking us unprepared.

Instead we would naturally make hurried preparations on the very first day, and on the second day we would improve our defences further, and so forth, treating every day our enemy does not come as a precious opportunity to make ourselves even more prepared.

This is analogous to our lives and how we behave, day after day.

We know death will definitely come. But every day we say: ‘I will not die today’.  We waste our lives instead of practising Dharma. Geshe-la advises us to remember death and to be prepared for when he comes. We should be using our precious opportunity and being grateful for each passing day that death does not come. But we waste our lives, never knowing even if death will come tomorrow, or even later today.

I thought about how simple and irrefutable this logic is. How can I waste even a single day not preparing for death?

And then a thought struck me. I should not think about it as preparing for death. I should think about it as preparing for life.

If I can be prepared for death, I can transform it into the eternal life of a Buddha, where all appearances are pure and blissful. I should not think of it as preparing for death. I should think of death as a hurdle to be overcome, leading to the bliss of enlightenment.

I focused on this wish to make my life meaningful every single day as the object of my meditation.


May all living beings prepare each and every day – not for death, but for life.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try my best to remember my determination and practice Dharma throughout all my actions.