Hello there my friend.

I’m back on the blog after a blissful month away meditating on death and impermanence.

I think it’s useful to have a daily routine like Lamrim. It provides a structure within which to make steady progress.

But I also think that it’s useful to take a break from those routines from time to time. This allows me to get a different perspective on my life and my practice.

My month on death and impermanence was absolutely wonderful, and I am now filled with an enthusiasm and a determination as never before.

I have also been thinking about ‘meaning’. Often we say that ‘such and such’ is very meaningful, and during my month away I have been thinking about what it is we mean when we say something is meaningful.

My conclusion is that the only meaning something has is what we personally choose to give it. Nothing is meaningful from its own side. Our lives can be meaningful, or meaningless depending on how we view them.

I believe that when deciding on the meaning of an object, we need to think about what it signifies, then what conclusions we can draw from its significance, and then, crucially, how these conclusions make us feel. Our feelings are the most important factor in the whole process, and without clearly experiencing the feeling, the process itself is incomplete.

Join me as I enter the next stage of my journey and examine the meaning of the Lamrim objects, develop conclusions, and experience the feelings of the path to enlightenment.

With love,