The purpose of this meditation is to focus on the feeling ‘I may die today’.

hidingI began by recalling the meditation from the book ‘How to Understand the Mind’, which says that I should understand that I normally think ‘I will not die today’. This thought is like a child covering their eyes and thinking they are invisible. As adults we know that just because the child can’t see us does not mean that we cannot see the child. We are like this with death. We all know that death is inevitable, but we look the other way, and feel confident that death will not find us. How foolish.

Instead I focused on the view of death from wisdom – I may die today. For all I know, this is the last meditation I will ever do; the last morning I will ever see; the last breakfast I will ever eat. Death could come from countless directions. I may die today – no doubt about it.

I focused on the feeling of ‘I may die today’ and it felt unsettling. The concrete nature of my life seemed not so solid. I began to feel vulnerable, and I focused on this feeling as the object of my meditation.


May all living beings realise the certainty of death, and use it to encourage themselves to practice virtue.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to keep this feeling in my day to day activities.