The purpose of this meditation is to realise that there is no satisfaction to be had in samsara.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then started by thinking about how samsara’s pleasures are deceptive. Our wishes are never completely fulfilled in this world, if at all. Even if we get what we want, it will not provide the lasting satisfaction that we crave in our heart of hearts. Obtained desires also bring with them their own problems and suffering. Rich people have problems with trusting others, and managing their finances – they fear poverty. And yet poor people wish to be like them.

desertI thought about this and realised that there is no true happiness in samsara. It is as if we are in a desert surrounded by mirages. We see things that promise what we thirst for, but when we grasp at them they fade away. There is nothing worth searching for, worth working for, worth committing non-virtue for.

As I realised this means I don’t have to go anywhere or expend any effort chasing worldly pleasures – there is no point. I can rest here, there is no need to move. I can find permanent peace in my mind, right here.

I developed a very lovely feeling of being settled and aware in the moment, completely still and not needing to move or travel anywhere, because in reality I am surrounded by the barren desert of samsara.


May all living beings see that their worldly desires can never be satiated, and turn to the path of liberation.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to keep this settled feeling of not needing to grasp at worldly pleasure – it is hollow and deceptive.