The purpose of this meditation is the generate a feeling of cherishing love towards all living beings.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then reminded myself that the person I normally identify as my self does not exist in the way it appears. I see myself in the mirror and I think – that’s me. But that isn’t me. It’s my body. I own my body, but normally I think it is me. Because I believe so firmly in this me, I focus on it and neglect others. If I could realise that my body does not exist in the way it appears – that it does not exist at all, what would I do with all the attention I lavish upon it? I could direct it towards all other living beings.

I thought of a section in Eight Steps to Happiness where Geshe-la tells us about how we can transform daily activities into our spiritual practice by maintaining our wish to cherish others. We can do the washing up, drive to work and talk to others with the sole intention of benefitting them.

I contemplated:

As my I that I normally see does not really exist at all, whom should I cherish? I shall cherish all other living beings. All the Buddhas took this step and became completely free from all suffering, and able to help all living beings constantly. I will do the same.

I thought about this and slowly developed the image of talking to people but thinking ‘how can I help you?’, ‘how can I benefit you?’ It was as if I was addressing all living beings, and thinking this to them. It was a lovely, engaged and caring feeling, and I stayed with it for as long as I could in meditation.


May all living beings cherish others.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to have the thought ‘how can I help you?’, ‘how can I benefit you?’ when I talk to or think about others.