The purpose of this meditation is to generate strong faith in our Spiritual Guide, and to practice relying upon him in a practical way in our everyday lives.

GeshelaI began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then started by remembering that all my spiritual progress depends upon reliance upon my Spiritual Guide. He provides all the instructions and guidance for me to progress along the spiritual path, and find happiness from a different source – internal rather than external.

I thought of how I need to rely on his instructions in the meditation break as well as the meditation session. I need to see my Guru in all my everyday situations and think ‘What is this situation telling me’ and ‘What is my Guru trying to teach me?’. In this way I can see my teacher in everything.

I let the idea become part of my mind, and determined to remember today that my Guru is in my heart, and can teach me Dharma all day, if I am aware of his presence. The idea was lovely because it gives me the ability to make every moment of every day special and meaningful. I rested my mind on the determination for as long as possible. When the determination faded, I brought it back again and kept with it till the end of the meditation session.


May all living beings find their Guru, and follow his kind advice.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will rely upon my kind Spiritual Guide, see his lessons in my everyday life, and seek happiness from a different source.