The purpose of this meditation is to develop the wish to actually engage in the practices which lead to liberation from samsara.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then started by remembering how my precious human life will end soon, and I will have to face my future lives and the suffering they will contain. I made the determination to free myself from this future suffering by destroying my self-grasping ignorance. To do this I need to engage in the three higher trainings of moral discipline, concentration and wisdom.

For today’s meditation I focused on wisdom – specifically the wisdom realising emptiness.

I thought of how phenomena normally appear to me. They appear quite separate from my mind, and they seem to exist in and of themselves. But when we try to find them, we see that they are unfindable. At a recent GP class I used the example of my hand. I waved at the class and the class waved back – using their hands. I pointed out that the hand we waved with seemed very real and tangible. It was a hand. So we then tried to find the hand that was so real and tangible, and as soon as we started looking, all we could actually find was fingers, a thumb and a palm. There was no hand, and yet at the same time we could see the hand. We needed to trust our logic rather than our eyes.

I used this example as the object of my meditation today, and kept in mind the fingers, thumb and palm and the absence of hand. I focused on the absence of hand, and made the determination:

Although I see the object, I know that it does not exist in the way it appears – I will see the object and know its emptiness.

I concentrated on the appearance of the object and its lack of inherent existence for the rest of the meditation – always remembering my wish to liberate myself from samsara.


May all living beings realise the emptiness of phenomena with the motivation of renunciation.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember how phenomena exist, despite all appearances.