The purpose of this meditation is to encourage ourselves to Our human life is precious, rare and meaningful.

I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then began by reminding myself that my human life is precious because it signifies very special conditions which have come together to provide this very special opportunity. The imprints of many virtuous actions from my previous lives have all ripened to produce the precious human life I now experience.

JTKMy human life is rare in that I have experienced one life after the other since beginningless time, but of all of them, very few have been human lives. Of those, very few have been human lives where I have come into contact with Dharma, and of those, very few have been human lives where I have had all the conditions necessary to engage in the spiritual path. In this human life, I have found Kadam Dharma, and therefore this human life is very rare indeed.

My human life is meaningful in that I can use every moment to travel the spiritual path and actualise my full potential as a living being. Each step on the path is an act of homage and dedication to my Guru, and though his blessings I will achieve my aim for the sake of all living beings, recognising that myself and all phenomena are empty of inherent existence.

I focused on the understanding that my life is precious, rare and meaningful, and with this understanding I realised that i need to make full use of my life by making every action an act of homage and devotion to my Guru. ‘I will practice Dharma continually and sincerely’. I foucused on this thought, and once I had a strong feeling, I stopped thinking and focused on the clear, smooth, stable feeling of determination. I held it as the object of meditation.


May I and all living beings make every moment of our precious human lives meaningful, and overcome mistaken appearances of this samsaric world.