The purpose of this meditation is to overcome our attachment to the pleasures of this life.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then reminded myself:

DeathI will definitely die. There is no way to stop my body degenerating and finally stopping altogether. I have no idea when this will happen. Although I am healthy now, I could fall ill next week, or even tomorrow. In any event, I could die in all manner of accidental ways, healthy or not. Finally, when I die, what will have been the purpose of my life? What benefit will I have gained from it? Worldly pleasures cannot help me in my future lives. Only the practice of Dharma can positively affect my future conditions.

I contemplated these points and decided that I need to practice Dharma purely and not be concerned with my transient worldly pleasures.I will definitely die – in the light of this, worldly pleasures are of no consequence.

I made the determination: I will practice Dharma and not be concerned with worldly pleasures. I focused on this for the rest of the meditation.


I will practice Dharma purely right now, and all day, every day.