The purpose of this meditation is to generate a fear of taking a less fortunate rebirth in our next life.

Through contemplation of the nature of the mind it becomes an inescapable truth that our mind will continue after the death of our body. When this happens, what will we experience? We will experience a new life with a new body in a new environment. All the variables will be reset, and the fortunate conditions we experience now will probably be absent.

no turnAt the moment we have ideal conditions for entering, making progress along and completing the spiritual path to enlightenment. But there is a real danger that these conditions will be lost at our death time.

I contemplated my good fortune and also the danger of losing my good conditions. I developed a fear of losing these good conditions, and focused on this fear with the intention of always keeping it present in my awareness. The purpose of this is to help me utilise my human life to its greatest benefit.


May all living beings understand and recognise their precious opportunity and value it appropriately. I dedicate my virtues for the benefit of Monty Oum – May he take a fortunate rebirth in the pure land of Keajra.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will remember the dangers of taking a spiritual wrong turn in my next rebirth.