The purpose of this meditation is to contemplate the meaning of karma.

I made the appropriate preparations for Meditation and then contemplated the law of karma which is a special case of the law of cause and effect.

Our actions are the cause of our experiences. Virtuous actions create pleasant experiences. Non-virtuous actions create unpleasant experiences.

We blame external conditions as the causes of unpleasant experiences but in fact it is our own actions which cause them.

An image came to mind of a person on a desert island in the middle of an ocean that covers the world. They are beset by waves and in response they thrash out at the water. What they do not see is the wave travelling all around the world and crashing against the shore of the island. Their actions cause their own problems. If they stopped thrashing the waves would disappear.

I focused on the idea of stopping my reactions to negative experiences and slowly experiencing greater and greater peace and happiness. I settled into this feeling as my object of meditation.


May all living beings find true peace and happiness.

Practice in the meditation break

I will try to always remain peaceful and loving.