Yesterday’s meditation was about equalising self with others. This means that we make our feeling of cherishing others equal to our feeling of cherishing ourself. I focused on how others just want the same as me – to be happy. I can work for my own happiness (selfishly) or I can work for all our happinesses. I focused on this feeling of working for everyone’s happiness.

Today’s meditation was about the disadvantages of self-cherishing.

I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then began by reminding myself that self-cherishing is an intrinsically mistaken mind, because its object – my self – does not actually exist. It’s like cherishing an imaginary friend. Completely pointless. If it were pointless but harmless it would not be so bad – it would be a mere waste of time. But the mind of self-cherishing is far worse than this. It is extremely harmful, because it causes me to act in non-virtuous ways now, and leads to suffering for myself and others in the future.

My self-cherishing mind lies to me because it tells me that I will be happy if I follow its advice.  But if I check I can always see that the happiness it promises fails to materialise.

I resolved not to deal in lies, but to follow virtue. I will rid myself of self-cherishing.

I settled on my wish to abandon self-cherishing as the object of my meditation.


May I and all living beings be free from self-cherishing.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to bear in mind that whenever I think ‘I need this…’ or ‘I should have that…’, it is my self-cherishing lying to me.