I was walking in London today after finishing work. These magnificent houses used to have coal fires, and the coal was delivered through holes in the pavement, directly into the coal bunkers in the basements of the houses. These coal holes have covers and I looked at them as I walked along. I noticed that some had been worn smooth by the Passage of countless feet over the years. 
And it struck me that the markings on the covers are like worldly attainments. No matter how prominent at the time, they will eventually be erased – forgotten and meaningless. This reminded me of the Death meditation, where we remember that all worldly attainments are temporary and transient. Considering this we dedicate our lives to the attainment of something more meaningful – the attainment of enlightenment – the permanent state of pure happiness and complete freedom from suffering. 
May we attain enlightenment in this very life so that we can free all living beings from their suffering permanently.