This is a photograph of my mother. Isn’t she beautiful?  

She passed away, aged 79 just over a year ago. Is she still my mother? What a strange question to ask. Of course she is, and the fact that she is now dead does not change that. 

Since it is impossible to find a beginning to our mental continuum it follows that we have had many human lives. In each of these lives we have had a mother. Where are these mothers now? They are the living beings we see all around us now. The fact that they cared for us so long ago, and that they died at the end of that life does not change the fact that they were (and are) our mother. 

We don’t have only one mother. Every person we see is our mother. 

In the meditation break we try to remember that everyone we meet is our mother. If we do this we will find that our attitudes change: we will naturally become friendlier, kinder and more patient.  There are so many benefits to thinking in this way that we should adopt this view without hesitation. 

May we come to recognise all living beings as our mother.