I was in an office today and there is some refurbishment work going on. The contractor has put what looks like cling film down in the floor to protect it from dusty and dirty shoes. 

That reminded me in a way of how Shantideva discusses the way we can protect our mind from the sufferings of samsara. 

In Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life he says that if we need to walk on thorny ground, we can protect our feet by covering the whole ground with leather. But this is not very practical and we generally solve this problem by protecting our feet – with shoes. 

This teaches us that we can try to overcome or remove every external cause of suffering, but this is not a very practical approach, because Samsara’s sufferings are endless. Instead we can learn to protect our mind by practicing equanimity, love and compassion. If we have these thoughts in our mind all the time, we will be protected from the suffering of delusions because they will not arise. 

May we all practice equanimity, love and compassion, and find freedom from suffering.