I just had the great good fortune to attend a day course given by a treasured friend on the topic of Life and Death. 

The meditation in the afternoon had a profound and unexpected effect on me which I wanted to share. 

My friend pushed all the right buttons with me as she led the mediation imagining that the time of death had come. 

I settled on the image of myself in a hospital bed, coming to the understanding that my life is now at an end. 

I thought about all the things that I will never see or do again:

I will never see my family or talk to them again. 

I will never see my friends again. 

I will never see the sky again. 

Then I thought about the big things but the other things that I take for granted but play a massive part in my life. 

I will never see cars again. 

I will never drink tea again. 

I will never walk again. 

I thought about these things and the entirety of death overwhelmed me. I rested in that finality until our teacher said: ‘when we are ready we can arise from meditation’. 

I then experienced a complete elation! I have a second chance! I was at death, but I am not going to die now! How wonderful! 

What an extraordinary feeling. I was filled with gratitude and the determination to make this second chance as meaningful as possible. Such is the power of death meditaion.