I will definitely die. What then? 

Everything I perceive, including death, is a appearance. What will appear after death?

Everything that appears to us is a manifestation of our karma. In this current life the broad parameters of my experience are limited by the human form I have taken and the environment. 

But when I am reborn all bets are off – my body could be in any form. My environment could be anything. I could be an animal in an unhealthy place. I could be a hungry ghost in a barren place. I could be a hell being in a firery place. 

I say ‘I could’ but really this is a distortion I am subconsciously introducing to make things better. In fact if I succumb to future rebirths I will definitely be reborn as a hell being in hell. Maybe not the fist rebirth, but it will happen. 

I will remember that I am in great danger of being reborn in hell as a hell being.