I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation.

I then settled down, cleared my mind and began my contemplation of my precious human life. I thought about how I have all the best possible conditions for a meaningful life. I have time, motivation, perfect teachings and the support of a local Sangha. Through the wonders of Facebook I can also talk to wonderful Kadampas throughout the world!)

I need to use these special conditions to get the most out of life – to live life to the full. I want to experience happiness now and in the future. I want every moment of my life to be filled with happiness – a real banquet of delight!

How can I achieve this? By practising Dharma. By practising Dharma I can transform every experience and every moment into a cause of happiness. Whoever I meet and wherever I am, I can be happy by putting Dharma into practice.

Laughing girl

I focused on the wish to put Dharma into practice every moment, and I was filled with a sense of enthusiasm and joy. How wonderful. I stayed with this feeling for the rest of the meditation.

May all living beings experience continual happiness and joy though the practice of Dharma.