I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then settled down with some breathing meditation to clear my mind.

After a while I began thinking about what I will dwell on when it comes time to die. What will I look back on and identify as truly valuable? Will I think of the cars that I have owned, or the plants I got for the back garden. Will I think of my family and friends as valuable? All the time and effort I have spent on these things will be of no use to me at the time of death. Although worldly effort spent caring for my family is important, at my death time it cannot help me. For I will die and all these things will dissolve into emptiness as I watch, never to return.

If I fill my life with worldly pursuits and relationships, I will have wasted my precious opportunity  to lead a truly meaningful life.


So what is my choice – how should I live my life? Abandon cars and flowers? Abandon my family? Of course not. I must transform them – transform them all into the spiritual path to enlightenment. If I view all persons as heroes and heroines, and if I remember that all the things I normally see completely lack inherent existence, then I can interact with everything and everyone in my world as normal, but in a way pervaded by virtue.

I focused on my wish to live my life gathering virtue moment by moment, and I let the joyful feeling soak my mind. I stayed with this feeling for a while before rising from meditation and dedicating.

Through the virtue I have generated through my virtuous effort, may all living beings be freed from the laziness of attachment to meaningless things, and live the good life of virtue.