I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then breathed away my distractions until my mind was settled.

I have already considered the fact that I will definitely die, but death is not the end of the story. Our mind continues after our death, but in our next life we may have a very different experience from that which we have now.  

I thought of all the good conditions that I have now, and how they may be absent when I reach my next life. I may not have access to Dharma, or may not even have the wish to practice Dharma. There are far worse places to be reborn than in the human realm, which has relatively benign conditions. In fact the worst that could possibly happen in the human realm is nothing compared to the suffering of the lower realms where I could take rebirth.


I thought repeatedly about the sufferings of the lower realm and developed a sense of real dread at the prospect. I also developed a dread for the causes of such a rebirth – non-virtuous actions. I focused on this feeling of dread for the rest of the meditation.

May all living beings develop dread of unfortunate rebirth and also its causes.