I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and with my mind blissfully mixed with my Guru’s mind, I began. 

I started by remembering the three holy objects of true refuge – Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Buddha is like the skilful doctor who diagnosed our illness and prescribes the right medicine. Dharma is the medicine itself which will cure us, and the Sangha are like the dedicated nurses who can help us. 

I focused for this meditation on the Buddha Jewel. Buddha has infinite wisdom. I need to rely on the wisdom of Buddha rather than my own. Listening to my own ‘wisdom’ has not freed me from suffering.

Now is the time to rely on the wisdom of Buddha. I focused on this thought and felt a connection – a path to Buddhahood. I will follow this path and I will kneel and make offerings at the feet of Buddha. 

I focused on this blissful reliance for the rest of the meditation. 

May all living beings rely upon Buddha.