I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then settled down to contemplate the many faults of samsara. 

I thought about the suffering of the people I see and hear about. I have had so many past lives that I may as well say I have been all these people. 

  • The woman who’s bones are crumbling
  • The disabled child
  • The woman raped by a solider
  • The bankrupt businessman
  • The politician living a lie
  • The torturer
  • The bully’s victim
  • The fear filled gangster 
  • The hopeless lonely office worker
  • The baby buried in a collapsed building
  • The drowning refugee

The list is endless. 

I thought that unless I escape samsara now I will have to walk in their shoes again and again. 

I developed the sincere wish to leave samsara. I’m done here. I focused on that wish for the rest of the meditation. 

May we all leave samsara.