I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then breathed away all my mental and physical  distractions. When I felt balanced and clear I began my contemplation. 

Everything that appears to me is a mere appearance. Trains, buildings and food – mere appearance to mind. The constant in all these things is my mind. In the end, my body’s death will appear to my mind and my gross and subtle minds will dissolve into my very subtle mind. After my death subtle mind will develop from my very subtle mind, and from this gross minds will develop. At this point a new life will have begun. 

Because my mind continues from life to life, I have many mothers – one in each life. Where are all these mothers now? They are all the living beings I see around me now. 

I settled on the point – because my mind continues from life to life, every living being I meet has been my mother. I repeated this thought until I felt very close to each and every living being. When the feeling faded I repeated the contemplation and regained the feeling of closeness – everyone is my mother, my mother, my mother. 

May we all realise the truth right before our eyes.