I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation.

I began by recalling how all my experiences are created by my actions. Good experiences are caused by good actions and bad experiences are caused by bad actions. My negative actions are always driven by negative states of mind. And behind these negative states of mind is one attitude: self cherishing.

Self cherishing is an attitude which says that I am more important than others, that my freedom from suffering and my happiness are more important than that of others. But this goes against my previous meditation in which I equalised myself and others. Also when ever I indulge in self cherishing it leads me to commit negative actions which in turn cause me suffering. 

I thought about how self cherishing causes my suffering and then I thought “what does this mean for me? “.

If there is a place which always causes me pain then I naturally avoid that place.  If there is a person who always causes me pain I avoid that person. And then I thought “self cherishing always causes me pain”. 

I reached a firm decision- “Whenever I feel self cherishing in my mind I will reject it as the cause of all my suffering. ”

I focused on this intention for the rest of the meditation.

Mail all living beings abandon self cherishing.