I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then cleared my mind to begin my meditation on great compassion.

I imagined my family and friends around me and I also imagined all the beings with six realms in human form surrounding me. 

I remembered that all of these beings have been my own kind mother. When they were my mother the showed me incredible kindness and even today I benefit from their actions. I developed affectionate love and cherishing love for all of these beings. 

I stayed with that feeling of love for a while and then recognised that all these precious beings are suffering constantly. I thought of my friends who are suffering physical pain and other friends who are suffering great psychological pain. It seemed to me that all my precious friends – all of these special, precious, kind beings were being crushed by the weight of the suffering in front to my very eyes. 

I imagined the pain and suffering crushing them and I developed a very very strong feeling that I can’t bear this any more. I really can’t bear their suffering any more. 

I developed a deep, deep wish that they be free from their suffering.  The wish became stronger and stronger in my mind and then I focused on that wish with single point of concentration.

May all beings be freed immediately from the suffering.