I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation. I then cleared my mind using breathing meditation.

I began by reconnecting with my previous meditation on great compassion. I imagined all my friends, all my family, and all living beings of the six realms gathered in the space in front of me being crushed by the weight of their suffering.

I contemplated the kindness and the suffering and again I found the feeling difficult to bear.

I then made a firm decision that I need to do something about this. I cannot let this continue. I imagined all the pain and suffering rising out of them in the form of thick black smoke. As the suffering left them I saw them become relieved and happy. The physical suffering was gone, the mental suffering was gone, the illness was gone, their anxiety was gone. 

I drew this black smoke towards me and slowly it gather together and entered my heart and completely destroyed myself cherishing mind. Every last bit of the smoke into my heart and completely destroyed myself cherishing mind.

At the end of this process I contemplated: “all living beings are freed from the suffering. I am free from my thought that I am more important than others. ”

I left a feeling of deep peace and joy spread through my mind as I contemplate complete freedom from suffering.

May all living beings be permanently free from suffering.