I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then began contemplating how I appear normally. 

It sounds an odd question but I asked – how do I exist?

My answer is that I normally seem very real – beyond question in fact! There is nothing more real than me!

I focused on my normal certainty and feeling of myself existing. How could I not!?!?

Then I thought – when a key opens a lock, it is the key that opens the lock. Quite clearly a key. And when a car parks in a space it is the car that parks. 

But when I go to the shops, where is the I that goes? The body goes… The mind goes… Where is the I that goes? 

I mentally separated the parts that go to the shops and I could find nothing that met my feeling of I. Nothing. I stayed looking at this absence of I for the rest of the meditation. 

May all living beings fail to find their I.