This page contains quick links to some themed posts:

Benefits of a Daily Lamrim practice:

Benefits – Introduction

Benefits #1 – We quickly and easily learn beneficial attitudes which will remain useful all our life

Benefits #2 – We will be able to understand Buddha’s teachings more easily

Benefits #3 – We will see that none of Buddha’s teachings are contradictory

Benefits #4 – We develop the correct view of Buddha’s teachings

Benefits #5 – We become free of the Great Fault

Benefits #6 – We become free from all faults

Advice for those thinking about starting a daily Lamrim practice:

Advice #1 – Invest in The New Meditation Handbook

Advice #2 – Be clear why you are doing it

Advice #3 – Be prepared for a bumpy ride!

Advice #4 – Be like a river

Advice #5 – What different forms could a Lamrim practice take?

Advice #6 – Enjoy!

How to Practise Sadhanas

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – How should we view Sadhanas?

Part 3 – Interaction, not Recitation

Part 4 – Buddha is in the Room with Us

Part 5 – Making progress Every Time

Part 6 – Dedication

The Daily Lamrim Meditation Challenge

Meditation Challenge 1

Meditation Challenge 2

Meditation Challenge 3

Meditation Challenge 4

Meditation Challenge in a Nutshell

Remembering Dharma Lists



Rhyming Pairs

Building Images

Lists of More Than Ten Items


Memorisation of Outlines and Root Texts

Text Memorisation Part 1

Text Memorisation Part 2

Text Memorisation Part 3

Text Memorisation Part 4

Text Memorisation Part 5

Text Memorisation Part 6


Making time for a meditation practice in a day that is already full

Anti-Lamrim – what the opposite of a Lamrim mind looks like

Lamrim Teaching with Kadam Morten

A Short Post about Hypocricy

Why the New Kadampa Tradition is like a restaurant and should you eat there?

Guidelines for Contributors to Daily Lamrim

Some Thoughts on Objects of Meditation

Skewered by Dreams

The Importance of Being Inspired by Those Around Us

I Love Children but I Couldn’t Eat a Whole One!

Meditation Hygiene

Everyone is Reasonable

The Appropriate Preparations


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