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The purpose of this meditation is to develop the strong wish for all living beings to find true happiness, and then to meditate on this feeling in the light of actions and their effects.

I began the meditation by thinking about my cherishing love for all living beings. How fitting for Valentine’s Day! I cherish them deeply but when I check I can see that they are not happy.

They seek happiness at every turn, but they are looking in the wrong place. They seek happiness in worldly pleasure and cannot find it.
I wished that they could find happiness – true happiness that would satisfy their wishes. I felt a deep wish rise in my heart, and it extended to all living beings. I kept the wish in my heart for a while.

I then thought about what this wish means in the light of actions and their effects. Whatever we do is the cause for us to experience the same thing. By wishing all other living beings to experience happiness, we are creating the karmic potential to experience true happiness our self. As Shantideva says, ‘All the happiness in the world comes from wishing others to be happy’. I stayed with my wish for others to be happy for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings generate the pure wish for others to be happy, and thereby attain enlightenment for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

The practice will be to wish happiness on everyone I meet or think of today.

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